Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 376: Drafty

I've got 13 posts in draft form. They're a cross-section of random thoughts/short article ideas that haven't yet been strong enough to leave the nest. I had two good ideas in the last couple of days that I want to investigate.

This is progress. I used to ruminate on ideas that I thought had some legs, then wouldn't write them down or follow the muse for long and they disappeared back into the ether.

Now I write sometimes in a way that I don't really love. I put the idea down and come back to it hours/days/weeks later. I've been working on one thing for it seems like a year now. I've got two short story ideas that I've literally been futzing over for more than a decade each.

I prefer to sit down, blast it out and be done with it. I've come to look at this as sometimes a lazy approach.

It's much harder to let something grow at its own pace. But I've learned to just let it be.

My advice is to make notes of everything that crosses your mind that interests you as having potential to be good. Leave yourself a voicemail. Scribble a note on a napkin. Whatever. You'll eventually discover if the idea is worth pursuing.

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