Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 372: Poetry

I love Dylan Thomas. Today, this poem of his occupies my thoughts...

I know this vicious minute's hour

I know this vicious minute's hour;
It is a sour motion in the blood,
That, like a tree, has roots in you,
And buds in you,
Each silver moment chimes in steps of sound,
And I, caught in mid-air perhaps,
Hear and am still the little bird,
You have offended, periodic heart;
You I shall drown unreasonably,
Leave you in my to be found
Darker than ever,
Too full with blood to let my love flow in.
Stop is unreal;
I want reality to hold within my palm,
Not, as a symbol, stone, speaking or no,
But it, reality, whose voice I know
To be the circle not the stair of sound.
Go is my wish;
Then shall I go,
But in the light of going
Minutes are mine
I could devote to other things.
Stop has no minutes,
but I go or die

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